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4.5 v2.30 Part 129 13.2MB

Download iMOBA Injector 2024 is available for Android as well as unlocking all drone views, skins for ML, and much more. HTML0 acts as an in-game tool that can make the game more enjoyable. It unlocks the game’s content without a survey license key, license key, or password.

You’re probably informed that Moonton has released a couple of excellent updates to Mobile Legends Bang Bang. These improvements are intended designed for characters that are ML. There is no doubt that continuous improvements are vital to a game because gamers demand them. Therefore, MLBB is a firm believer in this tradition.

However, every update to this game is also a call to Mod app developers to update their apps. This is why the next update of The New iMOBA Injector comes with several amazing improvements. It will enhance its capabilities that exceed the gamer’s expectations.

The most important elements you’ve already played with from iMOBA Injector Part 129 include the ML Skins, Drone Camera Effects for Battle backgrounds, customizable maps, and many more. Most importantly, 50+ Painted Skins can be enjoyed without cost.

What is iMOBA Injector?

iMOBA Injector is a distinctive ML tool that is similar to other ML apps. However, unique skins drone views, battle effects, and other additional capabilities make it stand out and are worth the money. In this sense, it’s very rich. In this sense, there is no limit to points within the app for accessing these important resources. In simple terms, all these items will be yours when you use this app.

Every item in this tool plays an important role to play in getting you to your destination. Everyone is thrilled when they receive this version because they have experienced the MLBB superbly because of it. Therefore, you should upgrade your beloved tool to get more success in the renowned MOBA. Additionally, it’s available for free From A to Z.

Every one of us can play the MLBB without any pro equipment. Why then, do you need to make use of a mod tool such as the New IMoba Injector? Keep in mind that if you are relying on just a handful of Items offered from Mobile Legends to the gamers you can’t advance from a specific place.

Each time you begin a battle you will be greeted by professional gamers who will immediately kick you out. In the end, pro-ML items are contingent on playing longer playing, winning, and getting the rewards.

What are the Key Capabilities Of this App?

There are a variety of objects in MLBB without investing capital into the items. In actuality, the requirement for gold, diamonds, and battle points as well as others isn’t any longer vital. Take a look at the following cheat list;

Unlock All ML Skins

iMOBA Injector 2024 Part 129 is in fact, the most wanted and high-value element that alters the game completely. The more options regarding ML Heroes & their Skins you can choose from, the more likely it will be to be successful in the game. You can get access to a vast collection of costumes for free.

  • Free skins for Mage, Fighter, Assassin Marksman, and Tank Support.
  • The 8+ outfits are available for certain avatars.
  • Backup capabilities are capable of undoing an action.
  • Additionally, there are 54 painted skins included in this edition, together with a remove option.

Unlock Battle Effects

Every battle effect has a distinct role to play. If you can use those effects effectively, your performance will be higher than the others. To illustrate,

Effect Recall

Your character can reappear after death or any damage caused to it by frontiers. The most popular are M1 Glory, Blazing, Carp Wind the Christmas season, Fire Crown, and more than 35 others.

Effect Respawn

It is a tiny animation that can appear in different places within ML. It includes The Arrival of the Sword, Super Descent, 2019 M1 Glory, and so on.

Effect Elimination

Download iMOBA Injector is accessible to you. Starlight Calamity, EVOS M1, KO, and many more are some examples that are available in the IMoba latest version app.

Battle Notifications

It provides you with information about various aspects of the game. Take advantage of it now for free.

Additional Cheats

The remaining capabilities are the umbrella of the More Menu. These are fantastic cheats to turn you into an elite gamer.

  • Unlock Battle Emotes.
  • Unlock Analog Custom MLBB.
  • Custom Intro for MLBB.
  • Unlock Background Themes to unlock the themes.

Emotes let you chat with your friends. The other three components allow you to play according to your preferences. This means you can showcase your talents to your rivals. Download iMOBA Injector will boost your worth without a doubt.

Custom Maps

Maps help you kill foes effectively. This is where you can explore these two choices. Be sure to follow the instructions for these maps to fulfill their capability.

  • Map Ultra HD Imperial.
  • Night Mode Map Imperial.

Drone Unlock View

It could be an exclusive capability that is unique to Mobile Legends. Alongside the horizontal view of the battlefield and the aerial view, it can also be a game-changer.

The view from the top allows gamers to choose where they want to move when playing. The following areas are in use currently.

  • Increase Drone view by 2X 3X, 4X, and 5X.
  • Tablet View is also available to you.
  • The Delete All Drone capability removes the range of cameras that are injected.
  • To ensure safety, you should make use of the view drone three times only.

Additional Capabilities

  • Free & latest injector app.
  • Beautiful UI and simple controls.
  • No errors & problems.
  • No advertisements and passwords, registrations, passwords, and so on.
  • Anti-ban.
  • It is usable even without the use of a virtual space app.
  • The app is frequently updated.
  • A huge number of ML fans have utilized the system up to now.
  • Other comforts are also available.

What’s New in iMOBA Injector?

Because we’re taking into consideration the most recent version of the iMOBA Injector app, it’s vital to let you know about the latest improvements. It covers the following areas. You will also get additional advantages in the end.

  • Add Sistem Android 11.
  • Add 2 Hero Upgrade Skin 1. Alpha 2. Gatotkaca.
  • New Tema UI Project Next 3.0.
  • 2 Background ML.
  • Perbaikan Skin Penyebab Bug Pink.
  • Perbaikan Performa APK Imoba & Fix Bug.


After reading this brief piece, everyone who is a fan of the legends of mobile phones can pick the latest and most reliable version of the iMOBA Injector 2024. Do not be concerned about its performance as it can deliver greater results than similar MLBB-injecting apps. You won’t find this injector app in the Google Play Store. You will have to select a third-party provider such as ours.