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This latest version Inshot video editor Apk is an application developed by Freesound maker and freeware download company In-studio.

This freeware has been available for some years and has always been popular among users. The latest version of the freeware has been completely rebuilt to work seamlessly with Windows Moviemaker.

Inshot Video Editor Review:

If you’re familiar with Adobe products, you will know that the company produces quality programs for a lot of different purposes. If you are familiar with Windows products, you’ll be familiar with the freeware called Windows Movie Maker.

One of the tools included with Windows Movie Maker is the movie maker application, which makes it easy for you to create movies and films using your personal computer.

This Inshot Apk file can be purchased through the Google Play Store for a very reasonable price of $2.99. This is still considerably less than what costly editing software such as Adobe Flash or Macromedia Flash offers.

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Download Inshot editor premium Apk here. Check out more free Android apps like Shotcut Video Editor and Openshot Video Editor for your Android devices.


What is Inshot Editor?

This means that Inshot Apk can also be used with this particular program. The changes are minor, but significant enough to make the Inshot app file compatible with the new version. Here’s how to get hold of the new freeware app and make sure that you use it to edit your favorite videos.

Inshot Video Editor Features:

  • Inshot premium apk comes with two features that differentiate it from its basic free counterpart.
  • It allows you to edit and customize your pictures using a variety of tools and features, and it enables you to share your work with a number of social networking sites.
  • These innovative features have made Inshot one of the most sought-after video editing software for smartphone and tablet users.
  • When you purchase the Inshot premium mod version, you get these amazing features along with the original Inshot free version.
  • In short, you get everything that the Inshot free version has to offer, but at a more expensive price.

Extra Features:

  • One of the greatest features of this mobile application is the ability to instantly share your masterpiece with family and friends over the Internet.
  • You can also add music to your videos using the built-in MMS & Bluetooth applications.
  • In addition to this, you can easily add text to your images using the text-to-video functionality of the Inshot app.
  • This amazing mobile app offers flexible editing features which allow you to trim, move, flip, add music, and a lot more.
  • If you are thinking of taking your photos or videos to new heights, then you should definitely check out this incredible app.

How to Use Inshot Video Editor?

  1. First of all, Download Inshot App from the above Download link button.
  2. The first step in getting hold of the new Inshot video editing software is to find an official Instagram account.
  3. The link provided in the Instagram account will direct you to the page where you can sign up.
  4. Just follow the simple instructions given.
  5. Once you’re done signing up, you can now log in to your Instagram account and upload your favorite pictures.
  6. Choose the same picture that you want to perform a 3D conversion on.
  7. The Inshot program will recognize this and prompt you to choose the appropriate format from the drop-down menu.

Best Free Video Editing App For Android:

You can check out the Inshot premium mod Apk version from the Google Play Store. Just search for Inshot video editor premium Apk in the search engine, or you can visit the official Inshot website and download this free version first before purchasing the premium version.

After purchasing the premium version, you can transfer the file directly to your phone or tablet’s internal memory. Even if your tablet runs on Android 2.3, you can easily transfer and edit your photos and videos using Inshot’s free version.

If you wish to do some kind of editing on your pictures or videos with your camera, the built-in video editor will certainly let you do that. You just need to select your image or video from your Gallery and then choose between several different options.

Final Words:

This video editor has four different tools that you can use to make your picture look its best on this free video editor. The Brush Strokes function allows you to apply 3D strokes to your image or video.

The Brush Color function lets you change the color of your stroke, and finally, the Alpha Mask function lets you create an outline of your face using a black-and-white mask.