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Ngulik ML Injector

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4.5 v8.0 5.38MB

This Ngulik ML Injector Apk latest version comes with an Android utility tool that provides the necessary features to the players of Mobile Legends. It’s an application in which players can buy skins and modify them to suit their Mobile Legends heroes, one of the most well-known MOBAs at the moment.

Ngulik ML Injector Review:

This latest version of Ngulik ML Injector Apk can be described as the most advanced tool available for the MOBA game Mobile Legends – Bang! Bang! It’s a direct rival with Aneh Gaming Injector and MLUAS apps.

The principal focus of these applications is unlocking the skins of the most famous and well-known characters. You may have heard about it. Right? This is a fairly typical point that is the same since the creators of the app are also friends.

They share code with one another and collaborate occasionally when they attempt to solve a problem. Therefore, the components that are in these injector apps are similar.

However, this is not the case in every circumstance, particularly in the case of this ML Injector APK tool. The app has some unique features that aren’t found in other tools and, in a way, is distinct in its features.

ngulik ml injector

What is Ngulik ML Injector?

This updated ML Ngulik injector Apk is a perfect skin injector and hacking application for those who love Mobile Legend Bang Bang. If you’re looking to unlock the full range of appearance of your favorite ML gaming character, then you must acknowledge its importance as it will aid you in obtaining unlimited free skins as well as other hacks to the game.

The most current edition of this app has all the skins that have been recently added since the last update. As we’ve already mentioned, it’s a title in all-in-one format for Ngulik Injector Apk due to the fact that aside from skins.

it provides something completely unique the radar map (drone view) within the game. In this fantastic feature, you can monitor all game ML activity from the palm of your hand.

Ngulik ML Injector Features:

This application has a number of unique features that make it the focus of the show. A few of the most impressive features are listed below.

  • For a small investment, you can access gaming resources.
  • You can modify your gaming characters by using unlimited skins.
  • Drone view.
  • Gaming accounts are 100 100% secure as it’s a version that is anti-ban.
  • Smoothly function on root and phone with no root.
  • Small in size when compared to the features.
  • Friendly and flexible interface.
  • It’s free to download and use.

In addition to the above features, this ML Injector application has several cool features that we’ve described below.


  • Alucard Epic
  • Alucard Legend
  • Alucard Lighborn
  • Fanny Skylark
  • Fanny Lifeguard
  • Fanny Lighborn
  • Gusion Venom
  • Gusion Kof
  • Hayabusa Epic
  • Lancelot Epic
  • Lancelot Zodiac
  • Saber Regulator


  • Granger Lighborn
  • Bruno Epic
  • Claude Epic

Hero Fighter:

  • Badang Zodiac
  • Chou Kof


  • Harith Lighborn
  • Selena Epic


  • Tgerial Lighborn
  • Franco Epic
  • Johnson Epic

Drone View:

  • Backup/Normal
  • Drone Brawl
  • Drone Map 1,5 & 2X
  • Drone Map 2x & 3x
  • Drone Map 3x and 4x
  • DM 4x and 5x
  • DM 5x and 6x
  • DM 6x and 7x
  • Drone view BRWL
  • Drone view myhem

What’s new?

  • Effect Eliminasi
  • Background
  • Analog
  • Battle Emote
  • Border
  • Map Magic Chess
  • New skins have been added
  • And much more

How to Use This ML Injector?

  1. This tool is known as an injector tool, which is the reason you’ll see an option for downloading on the right side of every feature.
  2. When you press the Download button, you can download the cheating software easily.
  3. For instance, if you go to the Skin category It will show all the characters.
  4. Choose a topic that interests you and look at the various choices, including epic legend, venom, etc.
  5. After that, tap the download button, and then wait for the complete injection.
  6. Done. That’s it!

Final Words:

Download this Ngulik ML Injector Apk file, the latest version by clicking the link above. download and install it onto the Android smartphone.

You can also download alternative apps such as Ag Injector, Han Esports Injector, and EZ Hunter FC from APKAsset at no cost. It can assist you in taking part in Mobile Legend Bang Bang and other battle royale games with additional freedom.