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RTS TV is a free video streaming Android application. It lets you access more than 1000 local and international TV channels. However, the channels are targeted at Asian individuals. If you’re looking to stream live TV online, install this tiny application.

What is RTS TV?

Enjoy live sports updates right on your smartphone. Also, you can watch films, dramas, comedies and cartoons, religious programming and listen to the radio. It is an absolute blessing since it’s free of any charges for subscriptions and users don’t have to pay for costs. It’s an IPTV app that requires an active connection to data.

It is not a surprise that RTS TV is not dissimilar to Mr. TV as they both have similar characteristics. The primary purpose of these applications is live streaming for no cost. These apps can be great alternatives to your television set. You can also enjoy video content from a distance. So, download these little applications and have fun.

Today, many streaming apps are on the market however, each has its own specific function. They can stream live TV channels films, radio sports channels, or a variety of other genres. But international content isn’t easy to come by. Premium online platforms require ongoing subscriptions to take advantage of non-stop services. 

However, the free apps are putting up the opportunity to compete with these premium platforms. This is why smartphone users do not like to spend money on memberships when they have a lot of free alternatives. If you like these freebies, get them now.


You can now watch all cable and dish antenna channels online for free cost by using your mobile. If you have stable internet connectivity buffering will not bother you. Let’s note down the benefits, services, or functions.

  • Live TV The service offers hundreds of live TV channels that span almost every Asian countries. Indian, Bengali, Pakistani, Tamil, Telugu, as well as some Canadian and US TV channels are available with this service.
  • The entire genre TV channels are part of the Kids, Sports, Educational, Religious, Entertainment News, Movies and science categories. In fact, many other channels are too.
  • Live Sports: Also, you can enjoy your favorite channels of sports in multiple languages. Soccer, Cricket Leagues, Tournaments, Championships, World Cups, etc. They are all available via your mobile.
  • Radio If you are in need of some sort of soothing background music listen to any of the radio stations. Hindi, Urdu, Bengali and many other local channels will keep you entertained while you travel or sitting at your home.
  • TV Movies and Shows In addition, you can look up your desired movie or TV show whenever you are bored. Play it at high or low quality based on your data restrictions and speed.

Other Benefits:

  • Check out popular TV shows and movies.
  • Enjoy unlimited TV channels.
  • No subscription charges.
  • Download and use for free.
  • No advertisements from third parties.
  • Working on Android devices.
  • You don’t need to root your smartphone.
  • Easy to install and to activate.
  • Unending fun and enjoyment.

Final Words:

RTSTV APK is ready to download via the provided link. Its easy-to-use interface allows HD streaming for live TV, movies, and shows stations on the radio, more. Furthermore, the creator makes it a free license application that anyone can utilize without permission. 

If you’re keen to try it out download the original file right away. This version has been updated to address all errors and bugs. The users will enjoy an improved user interface. In addition, you can also look for other IPTV applications from this website specifically for Android.