Unity Asset Bundle Extractor 2022

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Nowadays, the majority of Android, iOS, and the event Nintendo Switch games are built using Unity. As you would think, the Unity Asset Bundle extractor unified the development platform and allows designers to (almost) develop a game in one go and then easily release it to different platforms.

What is an APK File?

APK is the acronym for Android PacKage and can be used to bundle applications that are compatible with Android. Android operating system. The OS demands that the application include a certain directory structure, as well as files that contain the metadata and the actual android Java applications. The file itself is the ZIP file.

It is possible to open it using any ZIP extractor like the ezyZip ( above) WinZip, WinZip, or the standard extractor for files on your operating system (might require renaming the file, or transforming it in ZIP in this case).

Why is it called ezyZip?

ezyZip is a no-cost online tool to assist in opening and extracting apk files in your web browser. It can support a wide range of different file formats along with transformations.

In contrast to other archive extraction tools, ezyZip DOES NOT have a limit on the size of files or require uploading/downloading files to the server. It is a locally-based browser application, which makes it more efficient than free file extraction tools available online. It also guarantees your privacy is secure as none of the data will be transferred from its browser.

How can I remove apk files from Dropbox?

  1. Select the Dropbox logo () in the file selector for apk.
  2. The Dropbox file selector will be displayed. You must authorize access to ezyZip at the first time.
  3. After you’ve selected the application file the app will download into your browser and display the content.
  4. To save your files to Dropbox Click on”Save” or “Dropbox” dropdown below”Save” and “Save” as well as “Save All” buttons. You’ll need to sign up Dropbox for ezyZip on the first time.
  5. Files are saved to the the /Apps/ezyZip folder.

Today, we’ll demonstrate how to remove icons, sprites audio files, models from in-game as well as text and additional visual components from the typical Unity application. 

Today’s demo will use Pokemon GO, as it’s an extremely popular game developed in Unity. The procedure is the same for all different Unity applications, but with minor adjustments in the middle.


This guide is based on several assumptions about your skills and the tools. The following tools are required to follow the guide:

  • Microsoft Windows, because the majority of tools we use are designed specifically for Windows. A high-end computer is advised, since the extraction process may take some time, mainly dependent on your processor speed and hard drive.
  • A Android phone (or the simulator) that has an XPlore File Manager running. It is “somewhat an option”, but you are limited to extracting only assets from APKs.
  • 7-zip or any other file extractor that uses ZIP format. Android apps are ZIP archives disguised as APK files. To view their contents, you’ll require extracting the files.

1. Tools for Download Unity Asset Bundle Extractor:

To begin extracting, you’ll need at minimum at the very least Unity Asset bundle extraction tool. These tools let users transfer assets quickly and do not require any programming skills.

Two tools are available that we would recommend making use of:

  • Highly recommended: AssetStudio from Prefare is A GUI-based tool that lets you to select the type(s) of files you’d like to export. Asset Studio is very straightforward and ideal for those who are new to the field.
  • Unity Asset Bundle Extractor is a tool for lower levels which can be used to alter Unity bundles. It is useful for data miners with advanced skills as well as readers who wish to experiment with customizing colors and skins.

Go to the Asset Studio Releases section at Github and download the most current version from there. Asset Studio doesn’t require any installation.


2. Unity Asset Bundle Extracting and obtaining the APK:

APK files are that are used to distribute Android applications. APK files include everything you need to run the app and often include lots of images. As we mentioned earlier that we will use Pokemon Go as a model Unity application in this tutorial.

You can download the most recent Pokemon GO APK through two methods:

  1. Get it on the APKAsset
  2. Remove the APK from the device making use of the APK Extractor

The most convenient method would be to get it via APK mirror. Download the most recent APK via APKAsset to go to the Downloads folder and then open the APK using 7-Zip. The contents are extracted into the sub-folder and then navigate into it.


We could talk for hours about the folders and files in the APK But let’s keep our eyes on the main task to dump assets.

3. The extraction of Unity Asset bundle:


  1. Find the ZIP file somewhere
  2. Start Asset Studio and then open the folder you extracted
  3. Choose the type of asset you wish to dispose of (filter them)
  4. Media Export > Filtered assets

We are now ready to explore and dump the assets. Switch over to Asset Studio and follow the instructions below:

  • Click File > Load Folder
  • Go to the folder from which you downloaded Pokemon Go. Open the folder where you extracted Pokemon
  • Choose the assets and then click Select Folder
  • Let Asset Studio do its magic

Switch into the asset list tab. This is the list of files that you could export via the APK. As you can see, certain of them are Texture2D Some are sprites and others are TextAssets and others.

Before exporting, you must select the files you wish to export. The most straightforward method to do this can be to sort the Asset List using a filter type dropdown in the Menu Bar. Then, open the Filter Type dropdown and choose the following options:

  • AudioClip
  • Sprite
  • TextAsset
  • Texture2D

To start with exporting, select the Export dropdown and choose filters for your assets. Select a folder where you’d like the files to be saved. Allow Asset Studio to chew through your filters to find the right files. Your destination directory will open automatically once the process is complete.


4. Unity Asset Bundle Extracting data from your Android device (optional advanced):

Apart from the extraction of resources from the APK, You can also extract Unity resources from your Android device on which it was installed. APK is installed. This is particularly useful in large games that do not have built-in assets instead, they download them as needed. One example of this includes Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

Wizards Unite is built as a light Unity shell that creates the player’s account, loads a world map, and renders a few essential UI elements. When you encounter an enemy or enter an options menu it will download and save the necessary Unity assets. These are the exact assets you typically get from the APK however, they are downloaded at the moment of need.

It begs the question If the assets aren’t within the APK What are they?

The solution is straightforward it is located On your Android device. To find these files, we’ll utilize the mentioned XPlorer File Manager.

Beware: this step will be a bit difficult initially however it will become simpler once you get familiar with it. Follow the steps carefully Please. You’ll require a PC as well as an Android device to function.

Instructions on how to locate and extract Unity documents from an Android device:

  1. Place both two of your phones (PC as well as your mobile) both on the same network (same wireless network or local). Both devices need to be connected to identical IP range to allow this to function.
  2. Start the X-Plorer and then press “WiFi begin. This will activate an WiFi server in your phone . It will also give you an IP address, which can be used to access your Android device on your PC.
  3. Start a browser of your preference and then navigate through the IP address of your computer. A desktop-friendly version X-Plorer UI will open up and allow you to navigate your device effortlessly.
  4. To find your app’s data, navigate to your android's sdcard, /sdcard/data and locate your app’s folder within. For Wizards Unite, it’s named com.nianticlabs.hpwu.prod.
  5. Right-click the folder, and click download as zip. That’s it.

The downloading process could (and frequently will) be unsuccessful, so it is important to take your time and try downloading your assets in small chunks, or just test your luck a few times.

The steps for extracting the assets are exactly the same as for the APK:

  1. Find the ZIP file somewhere
  2. Launch Asset Studio and then open the folder you extracted
  3. Choose the types of assets you wish to sell
  4. The Press Export option > Filtered Assets

Final Words:

This guide explains the fundamentals of dumping the assets of Unity Games and apps. This method is available to download a variety of games and applications for PC and mobile. Be aware that a rising amount of Unity games utilize the hidden partition of Android to store the downloaded assets.

The process of dumping these assets requires rooting the game, and we’ll discuss the games mentioned in a later piece, but for the moment let’s focus on the fundamentals.